Today is my birthday and I’m celebrating by spending 10 hours in class woop


"Take your shove, take your ax, take whatever and dig a hole and put a seed in that hole. Watch it grow.
Now what do you have to do to make that seed grow? Clean water. Clean air. Sunshine. That’s all they want and it’s too much to ask for because all we can give them is polluted water and air pollution. 
Am I getting through? Am I communicating?
How can you change that? You want to help me, help ATWA, help change that and let that seed grow and you help us all and you help yourself.”
— Charles Manson, 2011
(Earth Day discussion, 2011)

A sixties kid flashes the peace sign after being beaten by riot police.
I never want to forget this image. 

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i love watching my innocent friends slowly transform into beautiful horny butterflies as we get older

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